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Established On Glory

We all seek to be important, to be noticed, to matter. However, consider our role is to make Him known...and not ourselves known. Acts 12:18-25

Established on Provision

"God's work, done in God's way, will never lack for God's supply." -Hudson Taylor
Acts 12:1-17
Video Supplement "The T-Shirt Bible":

The Never Ending Story

We are honoring our high school graduates. Often graduates are asked during this time, "what's the next chapter in your story?" As our graduates prepare for the "next chapter" it is important to remember the person of the Holy Spirit and our need for prayer be a defining cornerstone of our identity in God's Never Ending Story.

1 Corinthians 4:20

Graduate Video:

Established On Fishing?

From the beginning of Jesus' ministry, He started fishing. He taught his disciples to fish, He fished with them, and now that fishing expedition continues into the new waters of Antioch. Acts 10:34-11:18

Established On Freedom - Part 3

The Church is established on freedom. It is freedom from sin, freedom to love, and a freedom to be unconditionally loved. We cannot remove it, we cannot separate it, it is deeper than deep, wider than wide, and eternally perfect. Acts 10:34 - 11:18

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