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Elder and Missionary Terry Huffman takes us directly to the Christ and TRUTH! - John 8:32

Coming King - The Judge

Many are familiar with the phrase, "Judge not, lest you be judged." All of us don't want to BE judged, but there is ONE Judge who judges rightly. He judges you and he judges me. The verdict for each of us on our own works is "Guilty" and yet for those who have believed by faith, a miraculous exoneration! Not Guilty! - Revelation 20:1-15

Coming King - Lord of Lords

Satan Lures and then leaves us with Loss. And yet, the Hope of Christ remains - the Lord of Lord's lives on! He is eternal! He is the Lamb of God! The Hope of the World! The King of Kings! He is the only true promise! - Revelation 19:1-21

Coming King - The Loss

The lure has deceived mankind. The lure has deceived us. There will come a day when sin will be revealed for what it is, a cheap counterfeit. The rewards of sin are loss, nothing but loss. The hope of mankind is the free gift of God - Jesus Christ, an eternal hope! - Revelation 18:1-24

Coming King - The Lure

From the beginning of time as we know it Satan has been attempting to allure mankind. We see it in the Garden of Eden, in the life of King David, in the actions of evil biblical empires, in religious leaders, and perhaps most profoundly - in ourselves. The lures of Satan are deadly and are fully intended to destroy - they are driven by hate. What are we keeping our eyes on? The Lure, or the love of Christ? - Revelation 17:1-18

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