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The Gospel In Real Life - Cheesecake

Life is full of butter and cornstarch, good and bad, easy and tough. Yet, all is an expression of the full extent of the love that Jesus has for us.

You Are What You Feed On

Youth pastor Chris Secor preaches a sermon on youth Sunday entitled "You Are What You Feed On."

The Gospel In Real Life - Unexpected

We all have expectations. We expect Jesus to do things for us... in us. What happens when he doesn't meet our expectations? If we pay attention, it is at these times when we realize that His way brings life... real life

The Gospel In Real Life - Priceless

What is Jesus worth? $20? An hour on Sundays? A year's wages? When we see Jesus for who He truly is, we suddenly realize that He is worth it.

The Gospel in Real Life - Receive and Reject

Truth and Lies confront us everyday. Often we believe lies instead of the truth. It's time to put away the lies.

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