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Anticipating Love

Jesus loves with a lavishing love, a love that overflows, a love that goes beyond what we can contain, a love that leaves left overs... and when we have received it all, He gives even more

Anticipating Joy

When we have tried to live life on our own, and have found that we have squandered everything, Jesus is still there to receive us with joy... and so His joy, becomes our joy

Anticipating Peace

Is peace something out there in front of us, that we strive for continually but never quite seem to be able to attain, like a mirage in the desert?

Anticipating Hope

Terry Huffman Preaches a sermon from Psalm 80 entitled "Anticipating Hope"

Peculiar People - Mike and Elissa Picconatto: Missionaries to Germany

Missionary Mike Picconatto shares stories from his missionary journeys in Germany

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