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Established on Worship

Who do we worship? Is it ourselves? Is it our football teams? Is it my money? Without the Holy Spirit's indwelling we can't help but fall into false worship. But with the Spirit within us, the Spirit...presses us... directs us... draws us... to true worship. To worship the One True God. - Acts 18:18-19:22

God Is On The Move

The world is changing at an incredibly fast rate. What does it all mean? Can we understand the times? We may not know all of the answers, but we can be assured of this: God IS doing what he said that he would do. It is happening before our eyes. - Matthew 24-25; Ezekiel 38-40; Daniel 9

Established on Protection

Hear from ministry leadership about this fall, participate in fall ministry kickoff events, and engage with God's word together! - Acts 18

Established on The Known God

From the beginning of time, God has set himself apart from any other god. He is different. He has relationship. He is love. He is knowable! - Acts 17

Established on The Heart

Long before we ever choose to follow Christ something amazing happens, God himself...draws us. - Acts 16:11-40

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