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Reframing Jesus: Master

Unfortunately in many of our lives, Jesus has too many other masters with whom He has to compete - but we must remember that Jesus is not willing to be one among many. - Jude 1-2

Established On Old & New

There is an Old Covenant and there is a New Covenant. The Old points us to the New and the New refers back to the Old. They are both valuable and point us to heart change! -Acts 15:1-21

Established on Care

What do we care about? Is it just about numbers? What we accomplish? Or is it about the hearts of people? - Acts 14:19-28

Established On Dependence

Though we live in an "Independent Country," let's be honest, each of us has become incredibly dependent on many things. It could be our spouses, our parents, our cell phones, internet, government, etc. We do need dependence, but what we are dependent on is critical. Acts 13:44-14-20

Established On Encouragement

The Gospel invites everyone. No matter how much or how little you make, what side of the tracks you live on, what your ethnic background is. That is Hope! That is Encouraging! That is the Gospel. Acts 13:13-52

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