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Reframing Jesus: Merciful

Beloved. Twice we read this word as Jude closes. It is a reminder that even though we deserve judgment, the mercy of Christ ought to exhort us to live differently, to our spiritual profit. - Jude 17-25

Reframing Jesus: Undiminished

The Christ of today is many times not the Christ of the Bible - it is a diminished Christ. The Christ of the Bible owns all glory, majesty, power and authority. - Jude 3-16

Reframing Jesus: Master

Unfortunately in many of our lives, Jesus has too many other masters with whom He has to compete - but we must remember that Jesus is not willing to be one among many. - Jude 1-2

Established On Old & New

There is an Old Covenant and there is a New Covenant. The Old points us to the New and the New refers back to the Old. They are both valuable and point us to heart change! -Acts 15:1-21

Established on Care

What do we care about? Is it just about numbers? What we accomplish? Or is it about the hearts of people? - Acts 14:19-28

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