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Established On Transformation - Part 2

When our belief and our thinking are transformed, then so is the way we live. They ought to reflect each other. Acts 9:19-31

Established On Transformation - Part 1

Who we are and what we do matter. Yet, what matters more is what God is doing to transform us. Are we allowing him to transform us? Let it be yes! Acts 9:1-19

Established On Followership

The Gospel calls us, it draws us. The Word of God does likewise. Will we follow? How far will we follow? Acts 8:26-40

Established On The Priceless Treasure

Each one of us have things that we hold dear to our hearts. Perhaps it is a quilt or a piece of furniture passed down through generations. Yet, do we understand the priceless treasure of the Gospel? It is the one treasure that no one could ever purchase, except Christ. Acts 8:4-25

Established On Forgiveness

We have all been offended. Someone said something that was insulting, someone else did something that was cruel, and we are the victim. We can only take so much before we attack, or forgive. Acts 6:8-8:3

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