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Established on The Known God

From the beginning of time, God has set himself apart from any other god. He is different. He has relationship. He is love. He is knowable! - Acts 17

Established on The Heart

Long before we ever choose to follow Christ something amazing happens, God himself...draws us. - Acts 16:11-40

Established on Pneuma

Sometimes we may not know where our next step belongs. It is in these times, as it is with every time, that we wait for the breath of the Holy Spirit...the Pneuma to direct. - Acts 16:1-10

Missions Sunday - Brad and Laura Trosen

Brad and Laura Trosen have worked with the C&MA for more than 30 years, serving as dorm parents in Africa, minister of music in Montana, and recently working in northern Iraq, as pastor of an international church. They have just returned to the U.S. this past month.

Established on Resolution

We all have conflict, sometimes even the most Godly men and women. So how do we reconcile? - Acts 15:36-41

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