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Coming King - The Harvest

There is one God, one Creator, one Sovereign. He is right, He is just, He is holy. Thus, despite difficult times and difficult messages, may I, may we come to find that it is "well with my soul." - Revelation 14:1-20

Coming King - Kingdom Community

Through the teachings of the apostle Paul and admonition of Jesus, we will explore what it means to be a follower of King Jesus and to live right now in His kingdom community. - Romans 12

Coming King - The Pour

Joel is primarily about God's promise to pour out His love on His people. Even in the midst of judgment, God shows His grace. Joel is a wake-up call, a prophecy about turning the coffee cup of our lives right-side up, then pouring. God will pour out His Spirit on All of his people - but He does do for a purpose. - Joel 2:18-3:21

Coming King - The Aroma

Is there a smell that wakes you up? Maybe it's fresh baked goods? Maybe it's that morning coffee? An aroma can create anticipation, it can wake us up, and in some cases it can warn us of danger. The book of Joel is like that moment when we awaken to the aroma of what's real. It's a wake-up call. It's a Call to Repentance. - Joel 1:1-2:17


Coming King - Faithful Endurance

The Dragon, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet - they are a sham - a counterfeit on the perfection of the Triune God! Believers will suffer and die and the world will worship the fake godhead, yet, we have a role to "faithfully endure" - a role that sounds really hard! - Revelation 13:1-18

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