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Come Thou Long Expected: The Divine Pattern

God spent 4,000 years showing the inadequacy of all human types of character before revealing the perfect pattern of human character by which all others were to be molded and fashioned. - Philippians 2:5

Missions Emphasis Weekend 2022

Alliance Church Welcomes Special Guest Speakers from Taiwan.

Being Light in a Dark World

A new way of thinking is really the oldest way of thinking. - Romans 12:2, Genesis 2-3

I AM With You In Hardship

After enduring devastating loss, Job finally shook his fist at God and proclaimed his innocence. God, in response, did not point to answers - He pointed to Himself. - Job 38-39

I AM With You In Fear

Will everything be okay? The answer has less to do with outcomes and everything to do with the presence of Jesus in the midst of our fear. - John 6:16-21

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