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What is Love?

It is Christmas and "love is in the air!" Even with the challenges that our county is facing, many of us look forward to Christmas. Yet, are we truly aware of the significant gift that was given on that first Christmas? Join us this advent season as we explore the incredible gift of "love" that came down at Christmas. - 1 Corinthians 13, 1 John 4:7-20

Missions Done Well

John Stumbo shares six points to illustrate missions done well versus missions done poorly.

The Alliance is committed to doing missions well, which involves incarnational ministry that ensures the local, indigenous church's sustained ownership and brings lasting fruit.
- Alliance Church Missions Emphasis Month, November 2020


Never Alone:
All of Jesus for All the World:
Regions Beyond:
Regions Beyond:

Established on Resurrection

Perhaps the single most important event in human history is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The hope of mankind rests on this single event. Where is our hope? - Acts 21:27-23:11

Established on The Church

If we learn to truly love the Church - the bride of Christ in the same way Paul was burdened for the Church, we will never go wrong in helping to guard and prepare it for the time when Christ comes again, brimming with love, to claim it. - 2 Corinthians 11:28


A Christian and Missionary Alliance family celebration of what God has done, is currently doing, and what we trust He will continue to do through the pioneering missionary spirit He has breathed into us. - Matthew 28:18-20

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