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Coming King - The Throne

Here we find an amazing picture of the throne of God and all of His indescribable glory. It is a picture of His holiness, the Trinity, and His sovereignty. With a God like this, what on "earth" do we need to worry about? - Revelation 4:1-11

Coming King - The Letters - Overcomers

Jesus knows us - He is WITH us, ALWAYS! It is because of this truth that we can overcome. - Revelation 3:7-22

Coming King - The Letters - Wake Up!

At some point in our lives we have probably all done it, we have slept through our alarms only to wake in a panic! There comes a moment when we realize the potential consequences. This is the time to wake up! - Revelation 3:1-6

Coming King - The Letters - Follow

Life is a journey with a final destination awaiting. Jesus encourages us to keep focused on the prize that he has laid out before us, while Satan does all that he can do to distract us on this journey and steer us away from Christ. This week, we battle the distractions. - Revelation 2:18-29

Coming King - The Letters - New Name

Sometimes we get tired. We get tired of keeping on. Then we can get even more tired of keeping on, keeping on, keeping on. We get tired of enduring sin in ourselves, and the sin of others crushing what is right. Yet, we are called to overcome, and those who overcome will receive all that is new -including a New Name. - Revelation 2:8-17

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