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Established on Resilience

Life is hard, and it does not appear to be getting any easier anytime soon. So what do we do? We press on... we press on to the goal laid out before us - Christ in us, the Hope of Glory. We press on to proclaim the Gospel of Grace with each breath until our last. - Acts 21:1-36

Established on Serving

What is it that motivates us to serve? What is our end game? Do we do it for the sake of others...or for our own sake? Is it for the Lord? Or what we get out of it? I have become convinced, that true service is fostered by the presence of the Holy Spirit within us. - Acts 20:17-21:26

Established On Connection

We are not meant to walk this life alone. We were not created to be alone. The Church was never intended to be established, lived, or navigated alone. We are together...with Christ in common. Let us encourage one another with encouraging words given to us by the Spirit. - Acts 19:21-20:28

Established on Worship

Who do we worship? Is it ourselves? Is it our football teams? Is it my money? Without the Holy Spirit's indwelling we can't help but fall into false worship. But with the Spirit within us, the Spirit...presses us... directs us... draws us... to true worship. To worship the One True God. - Acts 18:18-19:22

God Is On The Move

The world is changing at an incredibly fast rate. What does it all mean? Can we understand the times? We may not know all of the answers, but we can be assured of this: God IS doing what he said that he would do. It is happening before our eyes. - Matthew 24-25; Ezekiel 38-40; Daniel 9

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