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Raising the Bar - The Heart of God

Why? Why do we give? Why do we pray? Why do we fast from eating? - Matthew 6:1-18

Raising the Bar - The Heart of Love

Loving our family and friends is easy, but loving the enemy? Is that even possible? - Matthew 5:38-48

Raising the Bar - The Heart

Some roles are easy to keep, others are easy to break. Jesus has come and revealed my brokenness. He's revealed that I am a rule breaker, in both deed and heart. - Matthew 5:17-37

Raising the Bar - Impossible

As we enter Matthew 5-7 Jesus seems to lay out impossible expectations. Yet, He says we can do it, but not without Him, not without His power. Let's embrace the incredible promises and power of Jesus Christ as we engage in this series together! - Matthew 5:1-16

Coming King - New

It has finally come...the end. We finish the book of Revelation which points to the powerful picture of newness. There is nothing like holding that brand new shotgun in your hands, riding that new bike for the first time, or cradling your newborn baby right after birth. New! In our world, new things break and get old. In this new Kingdom Come, with our Coming King, everything will be made new...and STAY NEW!!! - Revelation 22

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