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Remember: Why He Came

An empty promise is nothing more than words, but a realized promise is life changing, even world changing. God's promise when sin entered the world was made good in the incarnation of Jesus. In Him is a promise not only of salvation, but a full, satisfying, and abundant life. - Hebrews 6-10; John 10

Remember: That He Came

Christmas generates all kinds of memories: sugar plums, wilting evergreen trees, nicely decorated packages...oh...and the story about a baby who was born and laid in a manger and never cried (at least as the song goes)! But, what about remembering that He came? It is true! He really CAME! - Galatians 4:4-7, 2 Peter 3:1

Dave & Chris Manfred

Join us as we hear from missionaries David and Chris Manfred to see what God is up to in Cambodia.

Raising the Bar - The Heart of Repentance

So now, where is our heart? Jesus has confronted the true nature in our hearts. Will we repent of our depravity, or continue to leave him and try to do it on our own? - Matthew 7:13-29

Missions Emphasis Month - The Source

Acts 1:8 is a verse we know well in the Alliance, and we often (rightly) read this verse and latch onto the whereabouts of the witness. But the "where" needs a "how" and the "how" needs a "Who." That "Who" is the Source - the Holy Spirit. - Acts 1:8

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